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Master Coaching with Ajit

Jun 14, 2022

Is your "thinking" holding you back from chasing your goals and dreams? We often unconsciously sabotage ourselves thinking we are protecting ourselves when we are really just procrastinating and avoiding taking action.

We wait until we feel "confident enough," but the reality is that we will never feel confident enough unless we start taking action. And this is called "unconfident action."

"If you wait for confidence to strike, you will never get into a state of action." - Coach Ajit

In today's episode, Coach Ajit explores the power of taking unconfident action, the confident-competence loop, and a powerful exercise you can start practicing today to start taking action. 


Key Insights:

  • Why do we sabotage ourselves?
  • This is what really happens when we try something new.
  • The confidence-competence loop.
  • Why we must start taking unconfident action.
  • One powerful exercise to get yourself into a state of action.


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