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Master Coaching with Ajit

Jul 5, 2022

You deserve EPIC sex & DEEPLY fulfilling relationships, and Alexa Bowditch is going to teach you how in this jam-packed interview hosted by Coach Ajit.

Alexa Bowditch is a renowned sex and love coach, business mentor, and intuitive guide helping individuals on their journey to pleasure discovery.

If you’re ready to break down the resistance to talking about sex and create deep and meaningful relationships in your life, this episode is for you.


Key Insights:

  • How to create an epic sex life.
  • Why do we resist talking about sexual expression?
  • Addressing the sex taboo and why couples don’t talk about sex.
  • Getting started on this journey.
  • 5 categories of how you like to be turned on.
  • Learn more about Alexa’s teachings:
  • Connect with Alexa on Instagram @ThatSexChick.


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