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Master Coaching with Ajit

Jul 12, 2022

Are your unconscious money blocks stopping you from creating the abundance you desire? In this value-packed conversation, Coach Ajit and renowned success coach, Emily Williams, dig deep into overcoming blocks and developing an abundance mindset.

Emily Williams is an experienced empowerment life coach, entrepreneur, author, podcast host, and CEO of I Heart My Life. To quote Emily, “It’s never about the money. You will create the money for the thing that you really want.”

Emily also shares a powerful exercise to bring awareness to your thoughts around money and overcome those limiting beliefs. If you’re ready to unlock your abundance mindset, this is an episode you won’t want to miss.


Key Insights:

  • The real fear behind being abundant.
  • Why do people believe that achieving more success equals working harder?
  • The reason why it’s easier to make money for others than for yourself.
  • Understanding conflicting desires.
  • The power of listening to your intuition and inner desires.
  • Pricing your coaching services.
  • How to master your money mindset.
  • Learn more about Emily’s teachings:
  • Connect with Emily on Instagram @EmilyWilliams. 


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