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Master Coaching with Ajit

Feb 12, 2021

Join Ajit Nawalkha as he has a conversation with Rich Litvin about entrepreneurship, coaching skills, and Rich’s recent book “The Prosperous Coach”. Rich explains that in order to thrive in the coaching industry you must put in effort for a long period of time before feeling like it is working. Wishing for instant recognition without putting in work first is not how things are done, but the ones who persist are the ones who become masters.

“You’re not selling yourself; you’re not even selling this thing called coaching. What you’re selling is an opportunity for that person to work on their dreams and their dreams are priceless.” – Rich Litvin

Rich also talks about some important and practical insights that new coaches tend to miss when trying to expand their businesses: connect – talk about what inspires you to cultivate relationships; invite – offer genuine help and be willing to help; create – offer services through chats and conversations; propose – tell the person what you do, how it looks like to work with you and fill them in on the details of your proposal.


About Rich Litvin

Rich Litvin is a consultant, transformational coach, entrepreneur, and author. Running a leadership consultancy company, Rich works with high-performance world leaders through the method of powerful and impactful deep coaching. His book “The Prosperous Coach” was created with the intention of helping other coaches raise their income and empower more clients along the way.


Key Timestamps

[2:11] – Rich talks about “The Prosperous Coach” and his writing process.

[11:15] – Rich’s personal shifts during his career as a coach.

[20:26] – Valuable shifts for new coaches.

[28:14] – The 4 Steps Framework present of “The Prosperous Coach”

[36:29] – Why coaches feel hesitant to sell.

[43:13] – What coaches tend to miss or learn about.

[55:27] – Rich talks about the benefits of being an amateur.

[56:33] – Rich’s final advice for coaches wishing to succeed.


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The Prosperous Coach by Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler

Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott