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Master Coaching with Ajit

Feb 5, 2021

Join Ajit Nawalkha and Carey Peters as they have an interesting conversation about how to envision yourself as a coach, even if you feel you don’t have what it takes to be one. Carey shares some of the struggles she had in the past when she started her coaching business and how she was able to push past the “giving up point” by simply believing. She realized that she didn’t need to have it all figured out in life to help others transform their lives.

“I think that’s the hardest thing as a new coach: is the emotional and mental resilience required to get back up when things don’t work, and they won’t all the time.” – Carey Peters

You will hear some great advice from Carey on how to stick with your goal and persist on your path, even if sometimes you feel like quitting. According to Carey the one skill a person must have in order to succeed in the coaching industry is to be resilient. Many times along the way things won’t make sense, you will feel like a fraud, you will feel like you are not good enough or maybe you are not doing things the right way, and that’s when you have to be curious about the possibilities and just keep going.


About Carey Peters

Carey is a health coach, online entrepreneur, speaker, and co-founder of Health Coach Institute. With a background in acting, Carey became aware of her skills to help others when she was able to help herself out of difficulties like binge eating and coping mechanisms. Today, she and her company transform lives through coaching. 


Key Timestamps

[4:19] – Carey shares the early stages of her journey as a Health Coach.

[14:11] – How Carey created a connection between Health and Life Coaching.

[22:41] – The #1 skill required to be a coach.

[31:15] – How to push past the “giving up point”.

[34:33] – Overcoming the mentality that you need to be perfect to help others.


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