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Master Coaching with Ajit

Apr 19, 2022

Is it possible to grow your coaching business almost 4.5X in just one year? Well, yes, and we've got the best case study to prove it! 

In this episode, Coach Ajit interviews Abdias E. Garcia, a Certified Business Coach graduate who grew his own coaching business by 433% in just one year after finishing the certification program. Abdias shares how he achieved that growth, the skills and strategies he used, and his best advice on how you could do the same.

He also reveals how to coach someone who is more successful than you, breaking 2 of the most common limiting beliefs coaches have and giving you the tools to start building your coaching career.


Key Insights:

  • Abdias' story on how he scaled from being a productivity coach to a thriving business coach.
  • How Certified Business Coach enabled Abdias to upscale his coaching business.
  • Key skills every coach needs to develop.
  • How to grow your coaching business by 433%.
  • The best marketing strategy for getting more clients. 
  • Learn more about Certified Business Coach.


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