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Master Coaching with Ajit

Oct 3, 2020

Join Ajit Nawalkha and Melyssa Griffin as they talk about the keys to creating exceptional pieces of content that will eventually resonate with your audience and attract potential sales. Melyssa is a social media expert who works as a coach for content creators, helping them to locate specific and solid strategies that function for their businesses.

“Content is as much about sharing really useful information as it is about sharing pieces of who you are too.” – Melyssa Griffin

In this episode, you will learn everything about creating content that actually sells, for all platforms. Melyssa Griffin explains the fundamentals of blogging, email lists, Instagram, and video production, as well as, some expert techniques such as Webinars and SEO. In addition, Melyssa talks a little bit about the personal aspect of a brand and how sharing and talking about vulnerabilities is nothing less than favorable for your online business.

“If we put ourselves out there a little bit more, then we might actually make even bigger of an impact.” – Melyssa Griffin


About Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa is a Social Media Expert and Coach for people all around the world who have a business and are willing to grow online through content creation. Having started her career as an English teacher in Japan, she watched her passion for writing and blogging become a form of vocation, instead of just a hobby. With this motivation in mind – and some background on graphic design work – Melyssa started to make her presence online a much bigger part of her life.


Key Timestamps

[2:57] – Melyssa talks about her background and journey.

[4:41] – How blogging helped her on other businesses.

[7:56] – The core of content creation.

[17:11] – Working on social media engagement.

[25:24] – Incentives for growing email lists and SEO.

[35:05] – What to share in the first place?

[44:40] – Dealing with Launches & Promotions.

[58:23] – Share who you are on what you do.


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