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Master Coaching with Ajit

May 31, 2022

Fear is our body's way of protecting us from danger, but it can also be what's holding us back from growth and change. If you've been wanting to transition careers or take your business to the next level of growth but are held back by your own fears and doubts, this episode is for you!

In today’s episode, Coach Ajit takes you behind-the-scenes his live coaching session with Cheryl. Cheryl is an experienced midwife who is looking to transition to the next level in her career and business but is lacking clarity on how to get there.

Dive into this insightful coaching session to discover how to identify and manage your fears, navigate the uncertainty of transition and change, and learn powerful tools you can coach yourself with right away.


Key Insights:

  • Why do we struggle when facing change in our lives?
  • How to identify the fears and doubts holding us back from growth.
  • Transitioning into a new career or new level of growth in our business.
  • How to coach a client through fears of change.
  • Powerful tools and exercises to navigate uncertainty.


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