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Master Coaching with Ajit

Feb 19, 2021

In this episode, Ajit Nawalkha and Taki Moore share the best practices for selling online to grow your coaching business. Taki begins by explaining that your business is an expression of your personality and for that reason, it should be fun. You must find a creative way to start virtual conversations because that is the place where conversions actually happen, besides being an easy way to simply help people.

“Think about the people who are out there lost and directionless and need help, step up and just lay them a hand. If you do that you will be well taken care of financially.” – Taki Moore

In addition, you will learn a really easy 5-Step Guide to follow in order to identify a great lead from a bad lead and why now is the best moment to connect with people in virtual spaces. People are needing mentorship and coaches now more than ever and with the right mindset and attitude, you can transform hard times into opportunities.


About Taki Moore

Taki is a Marketing and Business Coach and leader of Million Dollar Coach, a program created specifically for top coaches with the unique goal of growing exponentially and reaching the 7-figure mark. He is also the author of “Million Dollar Coach: The 9 Strategies That Drive a 7-Figure Coaching Business”.


Key Timestamps

[1:51] – Taki talks about his work started.

[3:46] – What people forget to do in the coaching industry.

[6:06] – The difference between marketing and sales.

[10:18] – How to make sales via social media.

[15:56] – Practical exercise on how to conduct a call with a potential client.

[32:44] – Wrapping up a sales call.

[35:30] – The right mindset to win nowadays.

[37:42] – Taki’s final messages for coaches.


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Book: Million Dollar Coach: The 9 Strategies That Drive a 7-Figure Coaching Business by Taki Moore